Sleeping Beauty

Every fairytale starts with once upon a time, But this princess tale starts with once upon a man. It’s not one of those poetic lies told to gain sympathy, It’s simply the truth, the untold story of Beauty.   As he lies there 6ft under He asks me is it to late to say sorry…

Learning and Unlearning: A Woman’s Perspective (By Nafula Wafula)

At five years old, I learnt that sitting on an ‘uncle’s’ laps was not a sign of regard and affection, it was for his gratification.

Childlike innocence coupled with naivety and absolute trust was backed by a far away sense of dread and shame, whose root I could never quite point to.

My Feminist Truth

For me to talk about what feminism means to me, I would have to talk about my life story. Don’t worry, it will not be a step by step, real time recount of my entire life but the moments in my life that ultimately shaped my identity as a feminist. Now you have to know…