Taking Stock of 2018 Feminist Wins and Renewing our Resolve to Fight

The mobilizations specially provided platforms, space and amplified the voice in protesting against the violence women suffer on a daily basis; reclaiming the power to challenge oppressive systems and policies and advocating for keeping institutions and states accountable. We feminists do proclaim that the personal is political, which is difficult to articulate when sometimes discussions are sanitized and devoid of political nuance hence the resistance and mobilization.

Bloody Injustice

We all seem to know that women and girls have periods every month. It’s a common knowledge, right? but do we know bloody injustices we are all part of? If you don’t, then you are part of the problem… What I can only tell you is, period /hedhi /menstruation is a normal biological routine for all mature women – it’s a health thing. What astonishes me however is how the world has decided to make this biological routine the most shameful thing