My Mother’s Prayer

A dedication to my rock, my anchor.

My mother’s prayers

Palms clasped with many hopes

Eyes sealed with visions

Bended knees carrying my weight

Praising lips singing hymns


My mother’s prayers

Open as a soaring field

Faith dashing across hills

Wherever I am

Wherever she goes

Wrapped in her petition

To the God

To the Goddess

To the Cosmos

To the Universe

That I stand straight

That I carry lightness

That I give gifts

To receive blessings

That I inhale health

And exhale joy


My mother’s prayers

Constant and committed

Guidance when I steer astray

Cushioning when I land heavy

Healing where I ache

Sewing where I tear

Watery eyes it wipes away


My mother’s prayers

Words of faith

Embraced in her lyrical protection

Embalmed in her divine connection

Cocooned in the nook of her devotion

Shielded behind her believing armor

Always coated in her loving potion


My mother’s prayer


– Billene Seyoum Woldeyes (May 10th, 2015)


Love & LIght

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