Involved Fatherhood


As urban living transforms with the demands of modernity, so do cultural norms. And so it is inevitable that gender roles will begin shifting as well. A few weeks back i was thrilled to listen to progressive Ethiopian fathers share their tales of involved fatherhood on the radio. Beyond assuming the role of “provider” to the household in material form, these golden men eloquently shared their perspectives on the changing norm of fatherhood and what it takes to be involved as well as the need to be fully engaged in their children’s and family lives. From sharing their time unreservedly with their youngens in activities to sharing insights into changes that come with growth to playing an active role in getting kids ready for school in the mornings.

This sharing exercise with fathers was part of a weekly radio show called Ye Negat Weg airing on Sheger 102.1 FM from 8:40am to 9:00am. A radio program developed by a local NGO – Hiwot Ethiopia in collaboration with the Oak Foundation, Ye Negat Weg is part of their partnership project intended to promote men’s and boys involvement in preventing child sexual abuse and exploitation.

Those in Addis can tune in for 20 minutes every friday morning or stream on the web at

Kudos to all the great new and old fathers getting involved – we’d love to hear more from you. If you’re a young dad and reading this, please share your experience of involved fatherhood.

I salute you!


Love & Lights

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