3 thoughts on “Turning the tables on everyday sexism

  1. You’re really not helping. All of this guys look like they are not sexists, taking sexism or anything else on the wrong people never solves anything. I respect you’re efforts but you’re only degrading woman and not uplifting them. At least that’s what I think as one, although I do see the point you are trying to make, for I have experienced sexism on my own.


    • Thanks for stopping by Sa. I’m not entirely sure from what perspective you are commenting yet i’m sensing that you miss the point in the video as it’s not an aim to pick “sexists” per se and target them. The video is basically an opportunity to enable people to see what the flip side of what many women are recipients of would look like if the roles were reversed. Really a simple concept that aims to stir discussion and consciousness around the issue of sexism. I’m sorry but i fail to see you point on how this degrades women. Perhaps you can share.


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