Can you be a mom and a great CEO?

In this interesting BBC debate moderated by Zainab Badawi, the leading question is can the hand that rock the cradle rock the board room? Two working moms argue it cannot be done without incorporating the added pressure of “perfection” and burdening women while two CEO mothers argue that it can be done and what’s lacking for women who think they cannot is the hunger and determination.

Watch and share what you think. The 45 minutes is worth it.

And here are a few statements picked up on the way:

  • “most of us still live with men who think the toilet paper is restocked by the toilet paper fairy”

  • “women carry the puzzle of family life in our heads”

  • “every woman runs a small country called home. She is its health minister and its secretary of state for homework”

  • “over the past half century we have done our best to become men, to fit into the workplace designed by men, for the convenience of men and now work needs to change to suit women”

  • “can the hand that rocks the cradle rock the board room? You can do both but the underlying issue is that you need to want it.

  • “getting more women at the top will change the cycle”

  • “women don’t outsource enough”

  • “we all need to stop being judgmental about what it means to be a good mother”

So which side of the argument are you on and why?

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